About Us

Everyone Deserves Good Food.

We make it happen.

The mission of the High Desert Food & Farm Alliance (HDFFA) is to support a healthy and thriving food and farm network in Central Oregon through education, collaboration, and inclusion.

We believe that everyone deserves good food, and define this as affordable, nutritious and culturally preferred food that is easily accessible and sustainably produced in Central Oregon.

Our Programs

HDFFA offers multiple programs that support our food system: agricultural support, food access, and the Food & Farm Directory. Each of these are operated throughout the tri-county region of Central Oregon and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.

To learn more about HDFFA and our programs, visit our website at www.hdffa.org.


Agricultural Support

HDFFA improves the viability of farmers and ranchers through relationship building and marketing, technical, and capacity support. We collaborate with regional organizations and agencies to offer workshops, networking events, grants and financial assistance. Our Get a Taste marketing campaign builds awareness of High Desert producers and products to the Central Oregon community.
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Food Access

HDFFA is invested in a just and equitable food system where people have access to quality fresh food regardless of their income level. We support a sustainable food system where our food is produced in ways that protect the health of the land, those who work it, and the families and communities who consume its bounty, and where anyone can access this food.
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Food & Farm Directory

HDFFA’s Food & Farm Directory is a great way to source local foods, whether you’re looking for a ranch, a grocer, or a four-course meal.
The Food & Farm Directory is Central Oregon’s go-to resource for locally grown, raised, and crafted foods. This full-color annual print and online publication are distributed each spring across Central Oregon.
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