Plainview Gardens

18344 Fryrear Ranch Road, Bend, 97703
Call for appt.

Grower of plants – herbs, vegetable starts and flowers – for sale fo they public at CO Locavore, garden sales and seminars and by appointment at the greenhouse. All plants are grown using organic and environmentally responsible methods. Only organic oils and fertilizers uses. No pesticides or neonicontinoids.

Everything is handled with organic practices. Plants are begun in the greenhouse for sale to the individual’s use in their garden. Other plants are started outdoors in the fields to produce a variety of vegetables and herbs for sale at Farmer’s Markets, stores and restaurants. Now we are expanding to preserving selected foods – jams, jellies, pickles, mustard, herb flavored vinegar. Message or call for appointment to see the growing operation and make your purchases directly. Order here on Facebook or watch for announcements of where we will be selling our products.