Rickety Bridge Ranch

5680 SW Quarry Ave, Redmond, 97756

We raise delicious, 100% grass fed, grass finished Piedmontese cross beef and pastured heritage chicken, using regenerative and humane practices.

Piedmontese beef is both lean and exceptionally tender thanks to the breed’s unique genetics. Naturally lower in fat yet higher in Omega-3 EFA’s and protein, they are very well suited to a grass-fed diet.

Our slower-growth pastured chickens produce a more balanced white to dark meat ratio and deeper flavor than the standard factory breed. They forage on pasture and are supplemented with non-GMO feed.

Beef: Family packs, Quarter or Half or Whole Beef available from the ranch. Individual Cuts at Locavore in Bend.

Chicken: Whole Chicken available from the ranch.