Fibonacci Farm

62910 Eagle Road, Bend, 97701-9560
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Aaron Stubbs and Lauren Rasmussen started Fibonacci Farm in 2021. This small farm is a no-till, no-tractor, market farm specializing in produce and cut flower production utilizing only organic growing methods in NE Bend, Oregon. Their production methods focus on reducing emissions, building healthy soil structures, and growing organically without the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides and only use organic fertilizers, composts, and pest management.

They farm the land by hand, and won’t rely on a tractor. They utilize tools such as a Broadfork to aerate the beds and a battery-operated Tilther to mix the compost and fertilizer with the top inch of soil. By not tilling and growing our vegetables in permanent raised beds, they hope to constantly build up soil health and increase organic matter while giving us the added benefit of reduced weed pressure. It also mitigates climate change by reducing the use of fossil-fueled powered machinery and holding carbon into the ground, preventing the release of greenhouse gasses that happens during tillage.

During the season, Fibonacci Farm sells its produce, flowers, and eggs through a CSA Membership. You can also find us at the Northwest Crossing Farmers Market in Bend on Saturdays. Visit to sign up for a CSA Today!