The Broken Plow Microfarm

62860 Eagle Road, Bend, 97701-9560
Open daily, May - Sept, 7 am - 7 pm Open daily, Oct-April, Fri - Mon, Sunrise to Sunset

At The Broken Plow Microfarm, our top priority is providing fresh, ethical, and affordable food to our community. We use small-scale methods to maintain a high standard of quality and care for our animals and crops.

Our minimalist approach to selling food is embodied by our simple self-serve farmstand. During the growing season, we offer ultra-fresh produce, which is often picked in the morning and sold out by evening. Our stand is stocked regularly throughout the year with eggs, shelf-stable produce, and honeybee products that are raised on our farm or sourced from local friends who share our ethics.

Although we are too small to pursue organic certification, we are diligent to ensure that any substance used in the garden is on the USDA organic approved list. Whenever possible, we source our animal feeds locally (although they are not yet organic).

We allow our animals to roam and graze on our pasture, which we rotate through different areas to maintain the health of the land. We also feed our animals freshly sprouted greens to keep their nutrition high during the winter season, when pasture growth slows.

To stay up-to-date with our available products, please check our Instagram page or contact us via email. If you decide to visit, please help us reduce waste by bringing your own egg cartons, grocery and produce bags. We accept multiple forms of payment, including cash, checks, Venmo, and FDNP checks. Change for cash payment is limited, so please bring small denominations.